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Bug reports
If you find some sort of bug from InvestingExperience then please report it here.
Investing suggestions
If you'd like to share good investing suggestions with other players, do that here.
Investors Lobby
Everything you want to talk about - business, drinking, free time, etc. Everything NOT related to investing.
Investing success stories
Do you have anything you'd like to share? Have you made 10% of your balance with one stock within just one day? How did you do that? How did you choose the right stock? Both virtual and real investing experiences are welcome.
202010-10-16 01:22:08eifu
General investing chat
Everything you'd like to discuss about investing.
Suggestions for InvestingEducation
All your suggestions on how to make InvestingExperience even better, should be brought out here. We can't guarantee that we'll do like you suggested, but we will definitely consider it and will let you know about our decision in this forum.
Meet the investors!
Would you like to introduce yourself? I'm sure many of our members would appreciate your input here.
Investing for beginners
Do you have any questions about investing? Ask here! No question is too basic, too dumb or too weird. Just ask!
If you'd like to advertise some other investing related site, then please do it here. And make sure the site is worth it!
102011-04-11 22:52:05eifu
InvestingEducation announcements
Since we didn't have a proper place to put InvestingExperience announcements before, then now this is the place where you can read news about IE.
If you are an affiliate of InvestingExperience and have any questions, suggestions to us, we would be happy to hear them here.

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