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Reviewing Your Trades


Review Your Trades. You�ve just made a great return on one of your Bulletin trades. The trade is over. Right? Wrong! To become a better trader, it is mandatory that you analyze your trades and learn from them. Review and self-analysis go hand in hand with consistent, profitable trading. You can learn from history and profit accordingly.

At the Bulletin we closely monitor the performance of our systems and ourselves. The markets change (day-to-day in some cases) and people change as well. We make sure our system rules are still appropriate for the markets and for us.

Likewise, you must be certain that you follow the Bulletin Signals in a timely manner. To do this you must have confidence in the Signals. To this end, review the FAQs, the Daytraders Bulletin Guide, the Current Performance and the Trading Statistics on the Overnight Updates. Follow the Signals real-time using our free trial and a live data-feed.

Your review of these documents and following the Signals real-time with a live data-feed should give you a great deal of confidence in our method and the Bulletin Signals.

We have included a Trade Analysis Worksheet for you to print and copy. We suggest you use this worksheet to follow your trades, record ticket numbers and verify that you are executing the Bulletin Signals in a timely fashion.

Review your trades at the end of each day. This is an ideal way to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a trader.
Trade Analysis Worksheet Trade Analysis Worksheet

By Charles Holt,
Daytrader's Bulletin
Real-time Trade Signals for S&P 500 & Nasdaq 100

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