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Traders Are Flocking To The Forex

By Tim Grimsley 

The forex, or Foreign Currency Exchange is vast and growing everyday. The forex market is larger than all other markets combined. Literally trillions of dollars are traded daily on the exchange.

The forex does not have an actual trading floor. It is made up of a network of banks, they use telecommunication systems, including the internet to conduct all transactions. Because of the accessibility of this market on the internet, it has exploded in recent years.

In the past the forex was only for banks to use to monitor the values of various currencies around the world. Back then only the richest people in the world were allowed on this playground, and they made fortunes. With the advent of the Internet, many of the financial markets were opening up more to the public.

Soon the banks that operate the forex saw that this could be a major benefit to them also. Thus the forex as we know it was born.

The forex is also a 24 hour per day market which makes it perfect for those who want ot trade part time. The sheer size of the forex is the attraction for many traders.

The forex is large enough to accommodate any size trade position with ease. Execution of trades are instantaneous and there is no slippage. Another big difference is there is no commissions on the trades.

All profit by the banking systems are generated by the spread. The spread is the difference in price between the seller and buyer.

These factors make the forex irresistible to traders. Because of the attraction of this market it is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future.

There are several trading strategies that fit in well with the forex market. As I mentioned earlier this market is made for those who want to trade part time

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