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Proper Behavior of a Forex Trader

By Adrian Pablo 

The world of Forex trading is a great open land of opportunities where great profits can be achieved. But in order to obtain these great profits you must have a proper understanding of how the forex markets work and behave.

The Forex market is a market of trends, as you can see in any forex chart where the oscillation of prices during specific periods of times is more than evident. And this specific behavior of the market is what brings us to one of the most important rules of the forex trader behavior:

You must always trade with the trend and never go against the evident movements of the market. This an important rule many traders forget on the assumption that they can somehow cheat the market. But this is not possible, you will always have to check your indicators and if the market trend is going in the direction suggested by the indicators you must stick with that.

You must always cut losses. Yes, every trader has losing trades and you must learn how to deal with that fact of the forex world. In short don�t let losing trades ride too far and on the contrary, you should let the winning ones ride as long as possible in order to always have a positive balance at the end of the day.

The best technique you can use in order to fulfill this proper winning vs. losing trades positive balance is the use of Stop Orders. Every trader should trade using stops if he wants to maintain the proper balance in his trades for the day. A Stop Order lets you manage and decide how much money you want to risk losing if the trade you are in results in a bad trade. So, if you combine this �security� stop with a correct technical analysis of your indicators you will always be on the winning side, even if you have a few losing trades.

In short, the proper behavior of a forex trader can be resumed in two main attitudes: Always follow the trends of the markets and decide accordingly (sell or buy) and always maintain a positive balance of your trades using stop orders in order to cut losses at its maximum.

Adrian Pablo; Forex trader and freelance writer.

You can download a free Fibonacci trading report at his website:

Article Source: - Adrian_Pablo

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