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Futures Trading 3 Secret Tools Of The Pro Traders For Bigger Profits

By Sacha Tarkovsky 

Here we will outline three trading tools for bigger profits all futures traders can use.

These tools tend not to be used by many traders, but are heavily used by the savvy pro traders to enhance profit potential and you should consider them to in your futures trading.

Check them out for yourself and they will add a new dimension to your futures trading that could increase your trading profits to.

1. Gauging the pulse of the market

The �opening range technique is the ultimate filtering device for futures traders and is highly effective, as it allows traders to take the pulse of the market before entering it each day.

Say you have a buy signal from the previous days close, you can of course blindly buy the open, or you can use this filter.

Here is how it works:

1. Get the opening range and wait.
2. If prices are above the opening range go long with a market order
3. If they are not place a day order 3 ticks above the high of the opening range.

Here you are checking the pulse and strength of the market.

If prices move up your on board, if prices drop from the opening range you are kept out of a losing trade.

If your futures trading method is still telling you to be long, try again the next day. If your short of course, it�s the exact same in reverse.

Sounds simple? It is, but its very effective.

In our experience you can cut losing trades by up to 20% using this tool and it�s an excellent method for filtering your trading signals.

2. How to never a miss a big move

Richard Donchian�s four week rule outlined below may seem simple, but it is highly effective in catching big moves in futures trading.

We all know that most of the big moves each year in futures markets take place from market highs.

Most traders however want to buy dips to support and fail to get in on the big moves. This simple tool however will make sure you never miss a big move.

Here�s how it works.

Let�s assume you are looking at crude oil and spot a buying opportunity. Rather than buying a dip, wait for a new 4 week high and then take a long position.

You should only use this rule only in strong bull or bear markets, not ranging markets.

If you have a strong bull market, buy new four week highs and conversely, if you have a strong bear market sell new four week lows.

Its simple and a very effective tool � try it out for yourself and see.

3. Intra commodity spreads

Again, another simple trading idea, which will give you risk reduction and staying power.

All you do is trade two different months in the same commodity

Your aim is to buy the month that is expected to increase most and sell another month to give you some risk protection.

Normally, the front month will move the most, so you buy it and sell a back month. This is known as a bull spread the reverse action in a bear market is a bear spread.

For example, the summer months are the strong ones in unleaded gasoline, so if your bullish buy them and sell a weaker back month as protection.

Spreading works particularly well in these futures markets:

Copper, energies, soybeans, wheat, coffee, sugar, cotton and all the meats expect bellies.

When using intra commodity spreads in futures trading, you need to take into account the general market trend and the strength of the spread. Spreading is great risk control vehicle and a way to get staying power an is a great tool for traders with small trading accounts.

All the above are simple tools, but don�t be deceived by their simplicity. If used correctly they can all enhance your futures trading and give you bigger profit potential.

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Article Source: - Sacha_Tarkovsky

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