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Investing Offshore – How To Make Bigger Gains More Privacy & Pay Less Tax!

By Sacha Tarkovsky 

Here we are going to show you how to become an offshore investor and how to make triple digit gains, get privacy and also pay less tax.

Your money is precious and here we will show you how to build wealth, safely and easily.

The fact is that today offshore investing is not just for the wealthy its for anyone and makes total sense due to you get privacy, safety and pay minimal tax.

1. Asset Protection & Tax efficiency

Many of the worlds developing nations are looking for investment and one of the best ways to get this is offer overseas investors the ability to shelter their assets and lower their taxable income.

The IRS cannot look at the assets of the company or who owns it and that�s a major advantage for many! They simply do not have access to these documents.

Tax avoidance is perfectly legal and many are the ways to shave points through trusts, annuities, and International Business Corporations (IBCs).

Foreign corporations (IBCs) pay minimal tax and are far more tax efficent and cheaper to run than US based companies and they also other advantages such as privacy and asset protection.

Therefore if you want to lower your income tax bracket and build wealth, then offshore investing is for you.

Setting up an IBC is easy but many people simply fail to do so because they think that offshore investing is too complicated or to expensive but its not � It�s within the reach of every investor.

Costa Rica offers (IBC's) and away to build wealth quickly by taking advantage of one fo the loewst risk investments with the high returns

2. Where to invest to build wealth safely and quickly

When you are investing offshore with your company, look at opportunities in the countries themselves. They giving you tax advantages and privacy now its time to make your money grow.

Consider this fact

Real estate in Costa Rica has risen around 500% in five years alone.

The economy is booming as foreigners buy a slice of this tropical paradise to gain the following:

1. Lower property prices up to 70% less than in the US

2. Lower cost of living

3. Beautiful scenery

4. Tax advantages

5. A slower pace of life in a crime free country

They will continue to come and land is needed to build houses on and its cheap, can be turned over quickly at a profit and is easy to buy. For example:

In the countryside land can be bought in the mountains and highlands from $1000 to $5000 per acre, ocean view lots can be bought for $10,000 + per acre and beach front and waterside goes for $50,000 +

If you buy in bulk i.e in the 10 to 50 acre parcels, the prices drop and make a fine investment through subdividing into lots that will often double in value as soon as you start to sell.

What land to buy

The more you spend on land the better your profits will be.

If you bought land near Los Suenos for example lots that went for $12,800 increased in value to $30,000 in a year and now their worth $60,000!

Will these gains continue? The answer is yes but you must buy quality land in areas that are near developments that are likely to expand.

Making triple digit gains with low risk

If you do this you will be able to turn over triple digit profits in a year.

What�s the downside?

Well, if the influx of people coming into the country fades then so to will land prices, but with more foreigners than ever living in Costa Rica and the influx at record levels, this is highly unlikely.

Combine the above and you have big gains - low tax - privacy

You have your own investment offshore investment vehicle that�s private, tax efficient, safe and allows you to invest in a commodity that is finite and in high demand - Theyre not making it any more!

Better returns and lower risk

investing offshore in land is proven to provide better returns with lower risk than ANY other investment

Do the above and you could be well on the way to having your own offshore investment company with an investment that is booming and will continue to do so.

Offshore investing is not difficult and offshore investing in Costa Rica could make you very wealthy!

For more FREE info on offshore investing and the opportunities in investing in Costa Rica land as well as FREE Guide building wealth in land visit =>

Article Source: - Sacha_Tarkovsky

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