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Investing in Yourself

By Maria Gamb 

During a recent vacation someone tried to sell me a time share. I was completely uninterested in this prospect but Carlos, the salesman, was relentless. With everything in life I believe there is an underlying message. Some important guidance disguised as an everyday occurrence. With this in mind, I sat & listened. Then Carlos said something very profound - �an investment is not truly an investment unless it appreciates in value.� This is a very basic principle that made complete sense to me. So I began to wonder: Aren�t we our own biggest investment? What value do we attach to ourselves? And what do we do to appreciate our value? How do we know where & what investments to make in ourselves?

Before answering these questions it�s important to understand who we really are on this earth. In nearly every denomination the answer is the same. We are all children of the Divine. By that alone we are made perfect and have the ability to access many wonderful things this lifetime can offer us. We have limitless gifts and opportunities. This is all part of your spiritual self esteem.

When you uncover deep desires and dreams it�s usually your true self, your Divine Self, showing through. It�s your intuition nudging you to explore these ideas. This is the guiding element in your life. You can choose to invest & nurture these cues so they can grow or ignore them. But along the way you just might find that trusting that guidance could lead you to something really special.

Think about the last thing you did where you took a chance. Your heart pumped, the adrenaline raced and you were smiling ear to ear � probably knees knocking too! No matter what it was: taking ballroom dance lessons or public speaking. The effect is the same when you tap into your own store house of gifts.
o You get HAPPY!
o You are infectious to the people around you.
o You smile more.
o And basically, your energy levels both physically & spiritually go UP!
o You attract the same back to you. Who couldn�t use more of the GOOD STUFF!?

Question: What does it cost you?

Answer: Listening to your inner guidance. Then using that information to make an investment in yourself.

Results: You learn to trust your guidance & invest in yourself accordingly. This becomes a blue print for bigger things later on.

Pretty simple isn�t it. Listening to your inner guidance is not that hard. Your guidance is always invested in the betterment of your life. If you begin to use it in this manner you will become more comfortable with that element later on down the road.

Exercise for Today:

a) What would be the THREE to FIVE things you would like to do or experience in your life? They could be personal or professional. These should be dreams, fantasies or deep seeded never spoken desires. The stuff that makes your heart beat fast and your palms sweat a little bit from excitement.

Have you ever wanted to learn to tap dance? Cook like Bobby Flay? Or perhaps you�re someone who dreams of writing a book? Do you secretly fantasize about being on Oprah? Yes, those are the things I�m talking about! That juicy stuff hidden deep inside! : )

My Top 5 Deep Down Desires






�feel free to add more if you like.

b) Take a deep breath and ask yourself this question: �What is the investment I am willing to make to help nurture these divinely inspired gifts inside of me?�

Creating My Investment Plan
Make the following pledge to yourself.
�I promise to invest in myself, my most valuable resource, today! I will nurture the gifts inside of me. By doing so, I open myself up to the opportunities the Divine puts in my path through this valuable investment time. I allow myself JOY! I permit PLAYTIME! I welcome EXPLORATION!�

List the 5 actions you will take to make your dreams & desires manifest. A few examples would be: I will sign up for tap dance classes or I will find a coach (and hire that coach) to help me write my first book.






When you do what�s in your heart and soul you will find your JOY. Sometimes that is just making sure you take the time to PLAY a little bit. These are energy boosters not only to you but the people around you! You never know what you may stumble upon! ENJOY! : )

Working in the cutthroat and often back stabbing fashion industry side of corporate America for 20 years, Maria has witnessed exactly how an individual�s fear & negative limiting beliefs play out. Literally seeing their fears eat them alive. From her own personal experience as a workaholic & self proclaimed adrenaline junkie, she�s learned just how shutting down her own inner guidance, her intuition, has had adverse effects on her health, happiness leaving her to wonder �is this all there is?�

Maria Gamb is founder of which was born by her own journey in learning to listen to her inner wisdom and guidance. Through her own experiences she shares that being successful and abundant is indeed a spiritual process. Using practical applications and techniques she empowers individuals to embrace their spiritual self esteem thereby living more abundant lives.

Article Source: - Maria_Gamb

Maria Gamb - EzineArticles Expert Author

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