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The Best Investment – To Get Higher Growth With Low Risk

By Sacha Tarkovsky 

Like many investors you may be concerned with the performance of your investments. High oil prices, volatile stocks and poor performance, mean you are probably not making the gains you desire or deserve.

What is the best investment in terms of risk reward to get great growth and low risk?

Well here we will show you one that�s cheap and easy to do and can make you 50% annual gains with little downside risk, which makes it the best investment you can make in terms of risk to reward.

Sounds to good to be true? Read the facts and decide for yourself.

The reality of fund manager performance

The fact is we are taught to trust asset mangers and mutual funds to make us wealth but the bulk can achieve this 90% cant even beat the index. Add in the fact that the best only make about 12% annual growth and that�s not much when you consider inflation!

So this is hardly a best investment

Stock and mutual fund alternatives

So what are the alternatives for making good gains. Well today you can invest in hedge funds, currencies, futures, options and a whole host of others. They can all make big gains but risk is high.

None of them can really be considered a best investment for long term growth because the risk is to high and the majority of investors lose their money.

An investment with low risk and massive upside.

The best investment in terms of risk reward is land. You have probably never even thought of this as an investment thinking its to complicated or needs insider knowledge but nothing could be further from the truth.

Its easy to do, its safe, its liquid and it can and does produce massive gains

There are plenty of companies who will help you buy and sell land and its as easy as investing in stocks, the difference is you have real growth potential and low risk.

The secret is location

There not making land anymore! And prime land is in short supply. All you need to do is pick a country that has an expanding economy and a track record of growth in land values that looks set to continue.

This country can provide you with your best investment

Such a country is Costa Rica. Just 3 hours from the US and Americans are buying second and retirement homes in record numbers and there driving prime land values up by 50 � 100% annually, as land is developed for new properties

Many investors with no experience are making these gains.

With the baby boomer generation increasing their purchases and investment at record levels big profits will continue to be made.

Add in the fact that you can buy cheaply, get the same rights as residents, pay minimal tax and buy and sell land lots quickly for huge profits and you have the perfect investment and the downside well prices just don�t fall in this climate

There is not enough room to show you how easy it is to make money in Costa Rica land, however investors are doing it and making big profits year in year out.

Can this best investment do better than your asset manager?

Forget your under performing asset manager this is the best investment you will probably ever make in terms of risk reward.

If you want to improve your portfolio performance consider looking at Costa Rica land and it can become your best investment ever. If you look at it seriously you will be glad you did!

FREE Report

On how to make big gains by investing in land with low risk for long term capital growth visit our website for your copy and all the facts you need to see how profitable this investment is at

Article Source: - Sacha_Tarkovsky

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